Another water. -Poetry Exercise

Spider Poem.png


I’ve just spun a web.

A web between a tree and another tree.

They are my trees now.

I’ve just spun a web between them.


Here comes a bug. Damn. It flew past me.

Here comes a bug.



I have a bug.

Another. I have two bugs.


Two bugs, two trees, one web, one me.

Here comes a drop of water.

Splash! on my web.


I run to bug, it struggles.

I spin web around it’s body.

Dead bug, it will be soon.


Another water, it breaks part of my web.

No. This I do not like.

I leave my bug to mend my web.

More rain, destroyed web.


I run up my tree past ants.


I cannot count past eight.

My web is gone, my bugs gone, too.


I cry eight tears from eight eyes.

Gone web, gone bugs, gone food.

Now I will starve.

Unless I build new web between new trees.

Location: Journal #1, written during church mass in which I did not pay attention

Time: 9 minutes.

Inspiration: Wingbeats II: Exercises & Practice in Poetry

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