Verismo (Opera Pt. 2)

Patrick sold out of heroin so instead he hands out flowers

Empty bodies find their way to the party

Some boy dressed as Jason has been talking for hours


About geography or geology and its infinite power

We tell him he’s too late, “yesterday was Halloween”

Clouds appear to nourish out plastic red flowers


Red little Poppy’s reach out for the showers

To wash away the negatives of yesterday’s memories

To forgive actions as they pass over hours


There’s a new band inside and they play a lot louder

To cover sounds of rain and the wind through the trees

They play not for fun, but for listening flowers


Cellophane bundles dead and dour

Pinned onto blouses and jackets of many

Unravelling quick, gone within hours


Jason’s in the bathroom shooting up the night’s tar

We open our bodies and fill them with rain

Droplets of water fall off our free flowers

We dance in the rain together for hours


Written for a Creative Writing Poetry and Prose course. Second in the series.

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